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The Phoebe Cates Video Store

NEW!!! Just Completed!!! A Video Store dedicated to Phoebe Cates EXCLUSIVELY!!! You can order all of the currently available Phoebe's videos on-line at discount prices. We include descriptions of each video with inside information you won't find anywhere else. Here you'll find the latest news on Phoebe movies, videos and television appearances. The site features lots of new photographs and video captures. Included is a complete filmography with dates and characters.

Phoebe Cates Scrapbook

A Dramatic New Web Site is in Progress!! Watch us Work!! CLICK ABOVE!!! We're adding Movie Clips, Sound Files and a new biography. Plus we contine to offer photos of Phoebe and quotes from Phoebe interviews and articles.

Read her comments here while reviewing thumbnails of some of her most charming photographs. Thanks to all Phoebe's fans in the newsgroup (linked below) and to the effort of some off-line friends. Without your help these pages would not be possible. More innovations are coming.
    Links to Other Excellent Phoebe Sites

  • Scott McGee's New Phoebe Cates Collection
  • Phoebe has stopped acting and withdrawn from Public view. Her body of work is relatively small anyway, with only 20 movie roles. Yet new, massisve collections of Phoebe photos, sound files and movie clips continue to be developed. One of the best and easiest to navigate is Scott McGee's new web site on xoom. Scott prowls the web and especially the newsgroups and has collected 300 to 400 photos and clips.

  • Phoebe Cates Web Paradise
  • The finest of all Phoebe Web sites created by D. Lawrence and cared for by Jon Morris has returned today thanks to an anonymous and very generous Phoebe fan.

    Mr. Lawrence's INCREDIBLE ORIGINAL Phoebe Paradise 98 is bigger, more extensive and stunning in art and design; it is a real work of art. While Daryl has moved on, he has left a real legacy. This site puts to shame the simple photo collections found in most Fan Pages. Only Phoebe Cates could inspire this kind of passion.

    Jon Morris is the INTERNATIONAL caretaker of this website. Continue to check on his Phoebe Gateway for information and new photo's.

  • A Phoebe Cates Fan Site in Japan!!
  • NEW URL!!Expanding rapidly and with outstanding quality is Takakiyo Yamasaki's innovative Phoebe Cates Web Site from Japan. Be sure to check out the new in-line JAVA SCRIPT movie clip!This is a tough site for most English language based browsers. Since most browsers are set up for only one text-type - you'll get only strange symbols. But you will still be able to identify the links and view the photographs. If you're lucky enough to have a browser set for Japanese, you'll have an easier time. This site certainly illustrates Phoebe's world-wide fame.

  • A NEW Star in the Phoebe Galaxy Phoebe Cates ~ The One and Only

    JR Holder has built the newest and most extensive Phoebe Cates Page on the net. Unfortunately it's on TRIPOD, so it's slow and has the very annoying TRIPOD POP-UP ad. Large Photos and in-line sound slow down the process further. But JR has a wonderful set of photos and some very original ideas like on-line Phoebe Greeting Cards. Check it out.

  • "Dutch" Helms' Home Page

    New URL! "Dutch" Helms has created a multi-page site home that includes a very large picture gallery tribute to Phoebe Cates! This is the best 'photo gallery" available on-line today. All the pictures are from other Phoebe sites around the Internet, but this is an excellent collection. And all thumbnails are linked to the originals.

  • The Realms of Magic: Phoebe Cates Tribute
  • NEW URL! If you haven't visited "The Realms of Magic" Celebrity and Super models pages recently, you'll be astounded at everything that"MAGIC" creator and webmaster Bradley J. Marker has accomplished. There are now over 100 photographs of Phoebe Cates, plus photographs of over 90 other, less important, actresses, super models and celebrities like Heather Locklear, Alicia Silverstone and Mariah Carey, Kristy Swanson, Cassidy Rae and Heather Stewart-Whyte. Bradley has so much traffic he has placed his collection on seven different mirror sites around the world. Stop by and see this amazing work of"MAGIC".

  • Phoebe Cates Filmography
  • This is the Internet Movie Database with links to all her movies, television series and more. A most fascinating interactive database.

      FAST TIMES at Ridgemont High
    The original site created by Tony Ruegger is still down and may not return. But we have two interesting sites that help make up for this huge loss.

  • Fast Times - The Real High School
  • Cameron Crowe wrote the article that became the book that became the movie that became the television series. Now his classmates from Clairemont High tell the rest of the story. This is a wonderful site that adds to the Fast Times mystique.

  • Fast Times at Ridgemont High
  • This new site has much of the same content, artwork and charm of the Tony Ruegger work, but concentrates on the book, television show and movie reviews. It is a complex site, well worth exploring.

    Stop DayDreaming - Own the DVD

  • Stop Day Dreaming! Own the NEW DVD!!

    the WIZARD, fkap is pleased to offer you the FAST TIMES AT RIDGEMONT HIGH DVD for just $16.99 in association with Amazon.com. No picture of Phoebe does justice when compared to the original "day dream" sequence. Just click on the DVD Case at left to place your order.

    Fast Times on VHS Tape is BACK!!!

  • PRICE BREAK!! Own the VHS Tape for only $9.98. The Price of Day Dreaming Has Dropped!!

    Plus, GREAT NEWS, the VHS video tape has been Re-issued!! FAST TIMES AT RIDGEMONT HIGH (VHS) is an amazingly low $9.98 at Amazon.com. Click on the link or on the VHS box to buy yours today!!

  • Phoebe's TV Schedule this month compiled by TVnow
  • TVnow has created a great new piece of computer software that allows the user to create custom television schedules for the user's personal tastes. As BIG Phoebe fans they felt the best way to show off their software was to create a special television listing just for Phoebe Cates fans. Link here now - you'll be amazed at how often Phoebe is showcased on television. And Thanks to TVnow!!

    See the new Luminox Catalog at Gem of the Day

    Phoebe Sightings.....

    As you look around the net it seems that Phoebe is EVERYWHERE. The whole web is discovering what we already know: Phoebe is exciting, alluring, beautiful, magical, mysterious, sexy, warm, wonderful!

  • Phabulous Phoebe Photos

  • Phoebe Cates Big Load

  • SylverThorne's Home Page for Beautiful Women!

  • Female Celebrity Smoking List

  • The bob-haircut pages

  • Phoebe Cates Photos at famousbabes.com

  • More Phoebe Cates Links
  • Star Bios Facts: KEVIN KLINE

  • Newsgroup
  • Phoebe fans gather and exchange information, gifs and more at alt.fan.phoebe-cates. Please join them there.

    Use deja.com to access newsgroups right on your web browser with this link: Phoebe Cates Discussion Group.  However, deja.com does not post any photographs, an important feature of newsgroups.

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